Thursday, 6 February 2014

World Famous “The Human Body” Exhibition in Istanbul Aquarium

Istanbul Aquarium in Florya is hosting “The Human Body" exhibition, which will be last until May 31, 2014. A great getaway for this weekend and with the motto “A stunning journey to the human body”, this travelling exhibition was visited by more 20 million visitors around the world. The exhibition is on display in nine galleries and features about 200 human bodies and parts of human bodies that have been preserved with plastination technic.

"The one thing we have in common with people the world over, no matter what else defines and divides us, is the intricate and beautiful human body we inhabit. The Human Body Exhibition takes us on a life-changing journey through our most important possession—our endlessly fascinating body. Under our skins, a series of intricate systems and their related organs cooperate, second by second, to keep us alive and well. The Human Body Exhibition provides a three dimensional look deep inside those systems—skin to bones, head to toe—all with a focus on helping us make more informed decisions about healthcare and lifestyle".

Before Istanbul, the exhibition had stayed long in Izmir. The exhibition is astonishing and is not to be missed. Visiting hours: 10.00 - 21.00

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Photos from the exhibition

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